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Exhausted may have become your normal, but it doesn’t have to be. Take back control with personalised nutritional therapy

I empower mums just like you to break free from the overwhelm, to break free from the tiredness and to rediscover themselves.  Imagine:

  • Waking up with renewed energy and a positive outlook
  • Feeling calm and in control daily
  • Feeling confident in your own skin
  • Embracing a happier, healthier you

I’m passionate about helping women experience the same transformative journey that I did. Let’s work together and find that glow again.

My programmes empower women just like you to step into your new identity, discover a new found energy, break free from hormonal imbalances and embrace a life of health and happiness.

Kind Words

“Over the last six weeks I’ve learnt so much about how to properly nourish my body and take care of it from the inside out. As someone who has always struggled to find a healthy relationship with food, my outlook on it all has totally changed for the better. I’ve had more energy, been in a better mood and am much less bloated and lethargic. I love that I have those recipes for life now and that the knowledge I have acquired will stay with me forever too.

All the meals were family friendly and quick and easy. Janine was always only a message away and as always so helpful and knowledgeable!
As a second time mum, this is the best I’ve felt in years and I can’t thank Janine enough for that!”.

I know you don’t put yourself first! I know that you love your family and the idea of doing something for you feels selfish. I know that you often wonder if how you feel right now is just part of motherhood. I’m here to tell you that it’s not. And, by not putting yourself first, your family aren’t getting the best of you, they are getting what is left of you.

My programmes are right for you if….

This is NOT for you if...

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Transformative 1:1 Programmes

4 month
1 to 1 Programme

Designed for the woman with fertility issues, PMS, or PCOS who wants to get to the root cause of the issue. This programme covers everything you need to transform your hormones

  • GI or DUTCH test (to be discussed on initial free 30 minute call)
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test 
  • Diet and lifestyle assessment 
  • 1 90 minute initial consultation 
  • 3 60 minute consultations 
  • 4 30 minute check in consultations 
  • Unlimited Voxer Support Monday to Friday between hours of 9.30am and 5.00pm (I will come back to you as soon as possible outside of other commitments and meetings).
  • 15% discount on supplements for life. 
  • A review of any previous tests you’ve had done via GP or otherwise
  • Bespoke nutrition plan delivered monthly. 
  • Health handouts 
  • Weekly food diary feedback. 
  • 4 month commitment 

Price £1997

2 month
1 to 1 Programme

Designed for the mum who wants to find herself again. To discover how to properly nourish herself and family, to find her glow and energy levels again with personalised guidance and support

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Diet and lifestyle assessment
  • 1 90 minute consultation
  • 1 60 minute consultation 
  • 2 30 minute check ins 
  • Voxer Support Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 5.30pm (I will come back to you as soon as possible outside of other commitments and meetings)

Price £888

Online Programmes

Transform Her
Group Programme

Your journey to Optimal Health

Created for the woman ready to absolutely thrive in all areas of life. An entire year together to transform your health where you’ll learn everything you need to know to step into the best version of you.

Inside Transform Her, I share the exact methods, nutrition support and lifestyle shifts that enabled me to eradicate PMS, bloating, fatigue. I’m sharing every shift that has enabled me to have consistent energy, calm and confidence as a mother. 
You’ll gain access to every programme, every masterclass and every handout that I create over the next 12 months and gain access to all previous programmes created. 
Transform Her: 
For the woman who wants to thrive in motherhood
For the woman who wants to wake up daily feeling full of energy. To wake up daily feeling well rested. 
For the woman who wants to discover how to embrace her hormones… and learn to love them. 
For the woman who wants to feel calmer and more in control of her busy life. 
For the woman who wants to feel empowered. 
For the woman who wants to step into the best version of herself. 
Over the course of 12 months together we’ll explore every aspect of your health and wellness. 
You’ll be amazed at how quickly those symptoms you experience can be eradicated by making simple tweaks that work for you AND your family. 
You’ll learn ways to take care of YOU and still be able to devote the time you want, to your loved ones. You’ll find a new found love for self care, without seeing it as yet another thing on your to do list. 
When you discover how to work with those changing hormones, and to support each phase of your cycle…You’ll feel like a new woman. 
Forget about the latest fad diet, when you learn about nutrition from a higher level perspective everything will shift and you’ll redefine how you nourish yourself and your family forever. 
  • Access to every programme I create for the next 12 months including Nourish and Nurture (worth £333). 
  • Access to pre-existing programmes including; Reset and Energise (worth £99), Female Focus (worth £555), Stepping into Her (worth £222)
  • Group Membership for community support and accountability
  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Q&A calls
  • Guest Experts
  • Everything you need to thrive and become the best version of you
  • 60 minutes 121 deep-dive session with me (worth £300) to guide you through those first steps
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test
  • 30 minutes on boarding call 

Price – £999 

Pay in Full or 10 months of £99 

Reset and Energise
Group Programme

Finding Energy, Balance & Confidence 

This programme is for the woman who wants her energy levels to soar. Eradicate that rollercoaster energy ride you’re currently on and bid farewell to that mid afternoon slump. Sleep more soundly, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. 

This programme is for the woman who wants her energy levels to soar. I want you to know that when you implement what I’m sharing in this programme you can eradicate that rollercoaster energy ride you’re currently on and bid farewell to that mid afternoon slump. You’ll sleep more soundly than before, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. 

The work inside this programme focusses on balancing your blood sugars, this is a step I take 99 percent of my clients on regardless of whether they come to me for an energy increase, to balance their hormones, to work on how they manage stress, or whether they come to me to work on their gut. 

This programme is powerful and can change everything for you. 

You’ll learn how to lose the bloated, sluggish feeling and to start feeling comfortable and confident again. 

If you are feeling stuck in a rut with your diet and are ready for things to change, this programme is for you.

You’ll discover: 

    • How to beat the cravings that are stopping you from feeling your best and achieving your goals
    • What to eat to give you the energy to get through your day without the roller-coaster
    • How to avoid a mid afternoon slump 
    • How and what to eat to support the overwhelm & stress
    • How to continue once you have completed the programme
  • Meal plans; it’s all done for you
  • Additional Recipes
  • Pre-Recorded videos guiding you through each step
  • Access to member chat group

** This programme is also included as part of Transform Her. 

Price £99

Kind Words

“My biggest win has been surviving and thriving this programme with a newborn baby (and as a first time mum. I really wasn’t sure whether I’d make it work, but actually it was the perfect time for me to do this and feel like me again). There have been so many positive focuses.

It wasn’t a goal for me but I’ve lost 10lbs. The sleep I’ve had has been more restful, I definitely have more energy and I’m not craving food like I was. This programme has enabled me to still be a mum but to feel more like ‘me’ again and be more in tune with my body and think about how I will continue to do this moving forwards.

I love that this programme has been about enjoying the right food and eating well, not less.

I’ve learnt how important food is for good health and how certain things can have a negative impact on your stress levels and hormones, which is so important for mums.

I can’t recommend Janine enough, she is an absolute star with her knowledge and support. She gives a personal approach to each and everyone who is part of it and she’s there with you making sure you do well and achieve your goals”.

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