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Helping mothers to find themselves again

I’m totally committed to making a difference for mothers to find themselves again, to feel confident and get off that energy rollercoaster
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This feels very vulnerable to share but I’m totally committed to making a difference for mothers to find themselves again, to feel confident and get off that energy rollercoaster, so here goes….

I found it hard when I became a mum (twice!)…

I was exhausted, barely recognised myself when I looked in the mirror, I felt like I’d lost my identity and I didn’t know who this new version of me was.

I found sleep deprivation pure torture… Neither of my children slept well… In fact for the first 18 months or so of both of their lives, I saw most hours throughout the night. (It sends shudders through me re-living it. So, if you are reading this and in the thick of it.. It does end. You will sleep again. I promise.)

I was losing my hair, my weight was worryingly low, I felt stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Both of my children suffered with silent reflux, and at the time I felt like I was the only one who could comfort them. I didn’t ask for help, I thought if I could do everything myself it made me a better mother.

survival mode

I powered through, completely sending myself into burn out… Into survival mode.

This came from conditioning and beliefs that I’d internalised, who I THOUGHT I needed to be, I put an unnecessary amount of pressure on myself… And looking back at that moment in my life, I just wish I could go back and give myself a hug.

It was only after exploring it further that I realised I was suffering with postnatal depletion… A combination of physical, hormonal and emotion depletion that a mother can feel post birth.
I knew that I couldn’t keep putting myself last, and that in order to be a good mum, I had to start taking care of myself.

I needed that transformation into the new version of me.

I had always been so invested in my health pre motherhood, but all of a sudden someone needed me 24 hours a day and it felt like there was no time for me.

I needed to find it. I needed to choose me, in order to choose them.

I knew my children and husband weren’t getting the best of me, they were getting what was left of me.

I wanted to be a good mum, a good wife, I wanted to find me again, in my new role, my new identity.

I restored my depleted nutrient status.

I found ways to make healthy eating super simple. Meals that I could create and eat with one hand.

I found little ways to carve out time for myself; to incorporate exercise again.

And over time, I stepped into the new best version of me.

My reflection

After working with 100’s of mums, I see former parts of me reflected in so many;

Stress and burnout
Lack of self worth, esteem, love and trust
Fear of judgment

Sometimes these can be subtle, but each has a significant effect on how you much you thrive in motherhood.

My hope is that you aren’t putting yourself last. Mothers have been conditioned to believe that they have to do it all, to put everyone else before themselves.

When you commit to changing those beliefs, the results are life-changing.

I no longer feel like I’m close to burn out, I no longer question whether I’m a good mother, I no longer put my needs last all the time. I’m happy, energised, I love all areas of my life.

If I could gift you anything, it would be the confidence to put yourself first and just see what happens…

You’ll have more time (yes, really)
You’ll have more energy
You’ll sleep better
You’ll feel less stressed
You’ll be the mum you want to be.

I’ve shared everything I did in my free masterclass Nourish and Nurture, if you’d like a copy, drop me a DM on IG and I can send it to you

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